Mold, Fire, And/Or Water Damage Restoration Leads

These are some of our highest converting leads partially because they are often associated with insurance based emergency services!

How Much Do These Leads Cost?

We typically charge $400 for fire and water damage restoration leads in the USA.

Why Do We Charge So Much?

Our leads have an average close rate of about 60%. At our $400 per lead charge this will come out to a rounded up job cost of about $670! Considering that water and fire losses can often add up to 10k+ in profits, this is a good deal. Also, most of our leads are generated via Google AdWords, so we need to have a budget to pay the super high restoration industry click costs. Some of these can go up to $200 per click!

That is just for a click to our website or landing page, and is not a call, and definitely not a lead! Let us put our money where our mouths are and run these ads for you on a purely performance basis.

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Fire And/Or Water Damage Restoration Leads
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Mold Remediation Leads
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