Exclusive Fire & Water Damage Restoration Lead Generation Services

If you run a restoration company you know that exclusive water, mold, and smoke/fire damage restoration leads are some of our highest converting out there, partially because they are often associated with insurance based emergencies! Most of the other service providers have to deal with customers nagging them about their prices and/or postponing the job, but with restoration the prices are generally fixed and payed for by the client’s insurance company. Not to mention that the customer is often in a situation where they need to get the job done as soon as possible or else there could be further damage to their property! That being said, exclusive mold, flood and fire damage leads are quite the hot commodity, because they are basically booked jobs.

Why Are We Qualified to Generate Restoration Leads over the Competition?

There are a few pay per call companies out there, but we differ from most of them because we have been in the restoration industry specifically for many years. Our CEO actually worked for a restoration company for a couple years, so he is very aware of how the industry works. We are also active in Facebook groups, and have many friends in the industry.

How Much Do Fire and Water Damage Leads Cost?

The price can vary based on your location, and some other factors, but we typically charge about $300-760 for fire and water damage restoration leads in the USA, and around $100 for mold removal and remediation leads.

Why Do We Charge So Much?

Our leads have an average close rate of about 80%. At an average cost of about $400 per lead, this will come out to a rounded up job cost of about $480! Considering that water and fire losses can often add up to 10k+ in profits, this is a good deal.

Also, most of our calls are generated via SEM (PPC) and our publishers, so we need to have a budget to pay the super high restoration industry click/lead costs. Sometimes click costs can go up to $200 each! That is just for a click to our website or landing page, not a call, and definitely not a valid call!

AdWords and other PPC platforms generally work on an auction system along with something called a quality score metric that is based off of the relevancy of your Ad and landing page. We make sure to keep a high quality score, but beyond that the actual amount we can afford to bid for a particular keyword is the main factor in determining how visible our ads will be.

Other Factors Effecting Lead Pricing

Here are some of the factors we consider when deciding what to charge for leads in a particular area.

1. How Competitive That Market Is as Far as Ad Spend

We can estimate the market value of leads in a particular area based off of how much other restoration companies are spending on clicks in PPC platforms like Google AdWords. They can do this by simply taking the main water damage keywords, like “water damage restoration” for example, and multiplying the cost per click for that keyword in your area by average conversion rate to a call, which is about 5. 

That being said, your lead generation company can determine the market value of a lead by using the simple formula mentioned above.

  1. How Many Active Buyers the Lead Generation Company Has in Your Area

If the pay per lead company you are using already has contractors in your area, you may need to match their price per lead in order for you to get the leads.


During a storm or major man-made disaster, it is generally harder for us to find contractors willing to buy their leads. For this reason, they are often cheaper for your company to buy during these types of events.

  1. How Qualified the Calls Are

The price of exclusive leads will vary based off of how qualified they are. For example, we only bills for calls where you reach a property owner or decision maker, a company that doesn’t have this as a requirement may sell leads for cheaper. Keep in mind though that we try to price out leads properly, so that your your cost per job is cheaper or the same as other lead generation companies.

What Defines A valid Lead?

Billable restoration calls are determined based off of a few factors. The calls must:

  • Be in your service area
  • Be for a service you requested calls for
  • Not be a junk call (sales calls, or audited bots)
  • Be 100% exclusive to you and provably generated from our efforts
  • You had no prior interaction with that client before
  • Be in the format of your choosing (calls, form submits, etc)

How Does Billing Work?

One benefit of our service is that there are no setup fees in most cases. Once you purchase a call block or give us valid credit card information, we will work to generate you leads. If you choose to pay for the leads after they are generated by putting a credit card on file, we will run your card weekly for the leads that we generated for you.

What Is Your Refund Policy On Leads?

At any time you can choose to pause or cancel your membership, and we will gladly reimburse your active account balance, or deliver the leads you have active.

Can I Buy Leads in Conjunction with My Other Marketing Tactics?

We highly recommend pursuing your own marketing in conjunction with our efforts, SEO in particular. One thing you may want to consider is turning off your PPC ads, so you are not competing with us, and subsequently competing with yourself.

Who Will Be Your Point of Contact?

Every contractor we work with will be assigned to an account manager that can help them out with any questions, comments, or concerns. We strive to provide good customer service for our clients.

How Do You Track the Water Damage Leads?

In addition to an automated voice letting you know that the call is from us, we use a call tracking software called CallRail. You can learn more about how whispers work here. We will also give you access to the software so you can keep track of the calls we send you, and see how your employees are answering the phone.

Do You Have a Minimum Spend Requirement?

No, but we suggest that you buy at least 4 leads at a time so that you’ll have a high chance of actually landing a job from them.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Weather you are looking for mold remediation leads, or fire and flood damage leads, we can help you. Let us put our money where our mouths are and run these ads for you on a purely performance basis. Give our restoration lead generation experts a call or send us a contact form submission to get started!

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