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Are you looking for more work, but don’t want to pay companies like Home Advisor for leads that are also sent to other contractors? We wouldn’t do that to you, we work directly with you to get exclusive concrete and masonry leads!

Here at Apical Marketing we do things a little differently than most online marketing and advertising agencies. Instead of getting paid monthly to manage your SEO and PPC, we feel that it’s only fair for us to get paid if our efforts actually work for you. That is why we adopted a pricing model where you only pay when we get you qualified phone calls. That means that we will put up the ad spend and work to get your website ranked in Google up front, and you pay us after we get you results!

How Do We Track The Exclusive Masonry and Concrete Leads We Are Getting You?

Because we are running the ads to your website, we get asked all the time about how we can track which calls we are bringing in. This is easy, we use a call tracking software called CallRail to determine the exact traffic source that brought in the customer, and prove it to you with detailed reports if you are interested. Beyond just tracking the calls, many of our clients really like the call tracking software because it allows you to record all of the calls coming in. This gives you the ability to audit your receptionist and keep a recording of the calls for your records.

Industries We Work With

In addition to the masonry industry, we work with most home service verticals where there is enough profit margin for us to get paid a decent amount for each call. Some of those industries include:

  • Restoration contractors
  • Pavers
  • Waterproofers
  • Roofers

We cover the PPC Ad Spend!

We will do an evaluation of your business and set up a custom pay-per-click campaign with our own ad spend based on what we believe will work for your business. That’s right, you read that correctly, we are so confident that we can get your results that we will cover all expenditures and you will only pay when phone calls come in!

We understand that the masonry and concrete industry can be very profitable, but it can also be very competitive. Give us a call today to discuss getting exclusive concrete and masonry leads for your business!

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